We're a new
type of
property developer

We sell well-designed, local and affordable homes so the people who make a city can also make it their home.

The exciting thing about Pocket homes is that they're at least

20% cheaper than the surrounding market rate.

They're the perfect starter home for a first-time buyer.

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Who we
do it for

Our apartments are for the millions of young, middle-earning Londoners who contribute to their city in so many ways but can't afford to buy their first home.

We call them city makers
and our homes are designed
for them.

Meet some Pocket homeowners

You could be a Pocket
homeowner if...

You earn less than £66k
Pocket homes are for middle-income workers, not the super-rich
You live or work in the borough
We want local people to stay in their communities
You're a first-time buyer
We want to help those trying to get on the ladder,
not investors trying to expand their property portfolio

we do it

How we do it

There's no big secret. We just work smart
on every development we build.

Importantly, we have an award-winning design
for our apartments that makes the best possible
use of space, and we use good quality but not
extravagant materials. We also work closely with
local authorities to free up urban sites that are
in great locations for our customers.

All of this means we can offer attractive,
well-located homes for a fair price.

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