City makers

We build homes for the people who make London tick

City makers are the people who contribute so much economically, socially and culturally to our city. They’re teachers, nurses, doctors, web developers, chefs, journalists, graphic designers, vets and engineers and they want to own a piece of the city they love.

Getting on the property ladder in London has become a struggle. Rising rents, deposits and house prices make it harder and harder for city makers to buy a home without help.

Our city needs its city makers

Harvard professor, Ed Glaeser, who’s work ‘Triumph of the City’ epitomises why we do what we do:

It’s crucial for a city to make homes affordable to middle-income folk… such folk form the largest working group in most cities and so are their main economic engine.”

Ed Glaeser
Harvard University

We believe London wouldn’t be the vibrant competitive city it is, without it’s vital lifeblood and workforce. So we created our Pocket home to help them get a foot on the housing ladder.

We make it easy for first time buyers.

Building communities

Pocket buildings are filled with communities of like-minded people who love London and want to stay here.

We’ll support each other, we’ll borrow tools off each other… I think we’ve found a healthy balance of community here.”

Lewisham resident

Civil Servant and Pocket owner in Camden


NHS Practitioner and Pocket owner in Lambeth