Our story


Homes for city makers at all life stages

London housing

Back in 2005 we had an idea. To help the millions of young, middle earning Londoners who contribute to their city in so many ways, buy their first home.

We started by creating affordable Pocket homes exclusively for local first-time buyers allowing those on lower incomes a way to get their foot on the housing ladder and own a piece of the city they love. The idea worked. More recently, we set up a new division, Pocket Edition.

Our homes

We have a social conscience, of course, but Pocket homes aren’t social housing. They’re private, 100% owned homes, available to eligible first-time buyers for at least 20% less than the market value.

Pocket - affordable one bedroom flats

Our Pocket Edition homes, on the other hand, are available to all, with no restrictions. They meet the needs of city makers looking for an extra bedroom, their own private garden or terrace with generally more living space.

Pocket Edition - open market flats

It’s all about community

Everyone says they are community-minded, but we back-up this claim with action. Our Pocket developments always have shared spaces such as roof terraces, landscaped gardens and 'communal hubs' to foster a spirit of togetherness.

Before our Pocket buyers move in, we host a welcome drinks reception so they can get to know each other. Later, we help them set up a residents’ management committee to decide how their building should be run.


Constantly innovating

Innovation is nothing new to us. We build space-saving, energy-saving features into our homes and we’re always on the lookout for new ideas in building design. We're currently developing factory-built units to boost quality and deliver homes to city makers more quickly.

Online, we're working to smooth the home-buying procedure with 'My Pocket' a unique portal that guides eligible first-time buyers through the buying process, from signing up to moving in.