First time buyer guide


Complete and move in! Complete and move in!

Open market

If you’re buying a home that is already built, you will have agreed a set completion date when you exchanged contracts – this is good as it means you can get prepared!

On the day of completion, your solicitor will call you when your completion funds have been received by the seller’s solicitor and you can collect the keys!


In many new build purchases, completion is usually on notice which means that there is no set completion date as the building is still in construction. When you are buying a new home, completion will take place at a later date once the building is completed and signed off. Once the building is ready for occupation, the developer’s solicitor will confirm the same with your solicitor and service notice. Once notice has been served, completion should take place within a specified period which is usually 10 working days. If the home, you’re purchasing is ready for occupation you will agree a set completion date at the point of exchange of contracts.

On the day of completion, we will call you when your completion funds have reached Pocket’s solicitor so that we can give you the keys to your new home!