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Moving Home Checklist

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Once you’ve agreed on a moving date, there are a few things you need to consider before starting to pack any boxes. We’ve broken them down for you so you can get organised as you count down the days till you’re finally in your new place.

Things to Think About Before you Move

  • Research your new area’s facilities and infrastructure. This will help you locate transport links, healthcare, supermarkets, parks and schools.
  • Get rid of all the stuff you don’t really need or want. Decluttering will help when you’re looking for quotes from removal companies since volume is one of the main factors they consider – so the less you have, the cheaper the price.
  • Sort out your cupboards and organise your belongings in bundles of usable things. If you have a spare room or a large space to arrange the bundles, use it.
  • Get your hands on some packing materials. The removals company might provide you with boxes, etc at a cost, or you could go and buy everything yourself. Make sure you label each box clearly: write down what’s inside and where you want it to go in your new home. This seemingly unimportant detail will save you many a headache and lots of time.
  • Look into cancelling home deliveries (newspapers, magazine subscriptions, milk) if you have any. •Look into registering with a new GP if you’re moving to a different area, and notify your current one.
  • Remember you’ll need to register to vote again. Your credit rating will be grateful.
  • Check if your home insurance policy covers your move. If not, your removals company should be able to provide cover, or make sure you arrange this early on.
  • Find out if there are any parking restrictions for the removals vehicles both where you currently live and where you’re moving to. If so, you may have to arrange parking permits.
  • Speak to friends and/or family about lending you a hand on moving day.
  • Look for professional cleaners to leave your new home bright and shiny, and book their services for right before you move in.