Buying a Pocket Home


Our Pocket homes are affordable, which means you have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for owning one

To buy a Pocket home, you need to:

Be local

You need to live or work in London

Be a first time buyer

You can’t buy if you own another property

Be a middle-earner

More specifically, earn under the Mayor of London’s income threshold for affordable housing, currently set at £90,000.

Pocket homes are unique

They’re for Londoners

They’re only for local people who live or work near our homes.

They’re to live in

They’re not for buy to let investors, they’re for people who really need them.

They’re a permanent first step onto the housing ladder

Pocket homes, even when they’re sold on, will always be for local first time buyers.

This is why we...

Don’t allow subletting

Pocket homes are to live in, not to let out.

Manage an Annual Verification Process

To ensure Pocket homes are still lived in by the people they were intended for.

Help manage resales

When it comes to selling a Pocket home, we’re here to help make sure it goes to another eligible buyer.

If you are interested in buying a one bedroom Pocket home or want to find out more, contact our Sales team on 020 7291 3683.

Keeping it easy

All managed through My Pocket

This all might feel a bit complicated but we’ve developed an easy to use dashboard that helps you every step of the way.


From booking your viewings to signing your offer letter, you can manage your purchase and ownership through your My Pocket account.