Architectural Competition

West Green Place Community Centre

Pocket has matured - our laboratory period is over and, as a consequence, we are actively pursuing more ambitious projects to deliver more and more homes for London’s middle income workers - the city makers.

With scale and complexity, comes an increasing social responsibility to ensure vibrant, integrated and mixed communities. Our project at West Green Place in Haringey provides us with an exemplary opportunity to deliver against this imperative. West Green Place will, of course, provide much needed affordable home ownership opportunities for Haringey’s middle income workers, but also an opportunity for new family homes - a first for Pocket, and a new nursery and community building that will cater for existing community uses, whilst providing this part of the Borough with a piece of civic architecture that the community can be proud of.

We want to optimise this opportunity.

Not only do we want to use the building to deliver against the site’s obvious potential; we want to use it to demonstrate Pocket’s commitment to progressive architecture by commissioning an emerging architecture practice that will deliver the whole neighbourhood something exemplary, that delights.

Pocket is in a unique position to patronise emerging practices; and indeed we hope this process will help us to shape how we might engage with emerging talent moving forward - perhaps on our smaller scale projects (up to 40 flats) for example.

The budget is tight (as always) so we need to tap into the spirit of innovation and lateral thinking that emerging practices can bring to a project. It is also important that our architects can meaningfully contribute to London’s debate on the built environment, housing and community infrastructure, so we want to hear what they have to say - we’re willing to listen.

So to conclude, we hope that the architectural community will embrace this fantastic opportunity to deliver an incredibly important piece of social infrastructure within this community, and will therefore generate genuinely thought provoking proposals for how a small scale community centre building can have a huge positive impact on its neighbourhood. Good luck.

Russ Edwards
Head of Design, Pocket