Design team

Experience and dedication

Our dedicated designers

The design team works across each team at Pocket Living, assisting land with early stage feasibility studies, briefing new architects on each new project, guiding projects through the planning stages alongside the development managers and guiding the project managers through tender.

They also work closely with contractors, architects and other members of the design team on site to solve any challenges that may arise.

The design team drives innovation, leads on the Pocket BIM strategy and is responsible for architectural competitions, as well as monitoring the compliance of the Pocket one bedroom drawings and specifications.

Demos Ioannou
Product and Design Manager

Demos brings a diverse level of experience, specialising in the design and delivery of residential refurbishment projects across the UK.

He helps co-ordinate the overall design of Pocket Living projects, collaborating with external design consultants and providing crucial design support to the development team.

Our design partners

We aim to create a lasting legacy for London, developing buildings in well-connected locations across the city that add to the existing streetscape, and sometimes establishing new ones.

Pocket Living’s buildings are designed by handpicked leading architects who follow a tight brief overseen by our design team. We work with large, well-established architectural practices, as well as smaller upcoming studios. Our team ensures the right architects are matched to the right site and community.

Once an architect is appointed, our team works closely with each practice to keep all our design quality standards front of mind and encourage the architects to achieve their full potential.

They must be advocates of the city just like us and relish the opportunity to work creatively within the constraints we’re often faced with working on challenging urban sites.

We also ensure the architects we work with share in our collective sense of responsibility for first time buyers who live in our Pocket homes. Our mission goes beyond bricks and mortar, these are people’s lives, and they rely on us.