Pocket people
are London's
city makers

Pocket homes are for the people who make London tick.

They're web developers, chefs, teachers, journalists, nurses, graphic designers, vets and engineers.
They're singles and couples. They're young and not so young.
They're the city makers who contribute so much economically, socially and culturally to our city, yet are unable to buy their first home. We're changing things so they can.

You could be a Pocket
homeowner if...

You earn less than £90k
Pocket homes are for middle-income workers, not the super-rich
You live or work in the borough
We want local people to stay in their communities
You're a first-time buyer
We want to help those trying to get on the ladder, not investors trying to expand their property portfolio

Meet our people

Georgie – Graphic designer
Pocket owner in Hackney

"I’ve been living and working in Hackney for about 5 years, and I’d been looking to buy for about 2 years. I actually found a flat that I liked, but after a year the vendor decided to sell it to someone else for more money, which was heatbreaking at the time, and such a waste of money. I found Pocket online, and when I heard that I’d got the flat, I cried! Now that I’ve moved in, the flat is more spacious than I thought it would be, and everyone is really friendly - it’s like a dream come true!"

Mike – Charity worker
Pocket owner in Hackney

"I’ve lived in London all my life, and in Hackney for about 7 years. I think it’s important to own a property because then we’re not so transient, we can actually stay in an area and make it our home. My only options were shared ownership, or to move quite far out of London, but then I came across Pocket by chance… It was like a ‘eureka’ moment - that I could actually afford somewhere in a place I wanted to live."

Pocket people - Stephen

Stephen - academic
Pocket owner for six years

"I was renting in a big shared house, but I wanted somewhere I felt comfortable taking my parents. I wanted to buy outright (not shared ownership). I'm very happy with my Pocket apartment, it doesn't feel too small and the storage is great. The best part of Pocket at the beginning was moving into a community – we had Christmas lunches and even went on a skiing trip together."

Pocket people - Natasha

Natasha - digital operations
Pocket owner for two years

"I had been looking to buy in this area for ages, saving for a deposit… Then, just as I had saved enough, the goal posts changed and suddenly I needed a 20% deposit. Pocket was a great opportunity for me to get on the housing ladder, and the apartment is great. But the best thing about Pocket homes is their locations – Pocket allows real workers to stay in the area, near their work."

Pocket people - Dominic

Dominic - musician
Pocket owner for two years

"I wanted to buy, but had been thinking about moving out to Essex when I discovered Pocket. The flat is really well done, well insulated so there’s no need for heating, and the appliances are good. We have a good community too, we go on pub trips and had a BBQ in the courtyard this summer. Best of all, I can get back from work late at night fairly easily because it’s so central."