Osier Way E10

Waltham Forest

One and Two Bed New Homes for Sale in Leyton

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Salix House at Osier Way E10 will consist of one- and two- bedroom discounted Pocket homes, offering energy-efficient homes to first-time buyers.

Prices start from £288,000 for the one-bedroom homes and £412,000 for the two-bedroom homes.

Featuring two roof terraces with space to play and socialise, Osier Way E10 will also have five amenity rooms for residents’ exclusive use. From exercise rooms and co-working lounges to a dining space that you can invite your friends over for a dinner party. 

**There are a number of two-bedroom wheelchair adaptable homes which are currently only available to Blue Badge Holders living or working in any London borough earning below £90,000 per year. Step-free viewings are available from our flagship Pocket show home, please get in touch with sales@pocketliving.com if you would like to arrange a viewing or require any further details on accessibility.

One-bed discounted homes coming soon to Walthamstow at Forest Road E17 will launch for sale soon.

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9 Osier Way

London E10 5SB

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