Data protection and privacy statement

We are committed to protecting the privacy of any information you give us when you ‘Register’ for Pocket information. We require only the information we need to provide a service to you. You should only submit information to us through this site if you agree we may use it in accordance with the relevant privacy statement. There are several steps to buying a Pocket home from simply registering to receive our newsletter to registering to buy a home and to becoming an owner. At different stages, different information will be required from you. For that reason we have different Privacy Notices for different stages of the process.

Privacy Notice – Newsletter: this is relevant if you only wish to receive our newsletter.

Privacy Notice – My Pocket User: if you wish to register to buy a Pocket home you will need an account, some personal information will be collected in order to open that account. Once you hold an account you will be informed of relevant properties which meet your criteria, should you wish to progress to purchasing you will have to supply further personal information to pass eligibility tests before you can buy.

Privacy Notice – Pocket Owner: once you own a Pocket home this is the relevant privacy notice.

Privacy Notice – Pocket Edition: this is relevant if you are interested in one of our Pocket Edition homes.

Privacy Notice – Business and Personal Contacts: you may have been added to our website as a business or personal contact, if so this privacy notice will apply.

We recognise the importance both of keeping your information secure and of letting you know what we intend to do with that information. If your information will be shared with any third party this is detailed in the relevant privacy notice. Each privacy notice will also detail what we will do with your information and how long we will hold it for. Finally each privacy notice confirms how you can be removed from our database and how to complain. We may amend our privacy notice to reflect changes to our business, website or to data protection legislation. We therefore ask you revisit all relevant privacy notices on a regular basis to ensure you are familiar with their terms.

Pocket Living Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company registration number 4538848. Our registered office is at Pocket Living Limited, Third Floor, Tower House, 10 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA, VAT number GB974964359.