Is it a bird… is it a plane… it’s a Pocket home!


Pocket CEO Marc Vlessing with Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr Matthew Bennett


Being assembled this week are the lego-like units of our latest scheme in Lambeth, Mountearl Gardens SW16.  These 32 homes in Streatham are replacing disused garages and will help local first time buyers get onto the property ladder.


FM_842_Pocket_Mountearl Gardens_Cam2_FINAL Low Res

A computer generated image of Mountearl Gardens SW16 complete.


The Pocket flats at Mountearl Gardens SW16 have been built entirely in a factory and it was really exciting to see the finished units being craned in and slotted together. They will be ready for Lambeth residents to move into in the autumn.


IMG_5621       IMG_5615

This will be a corridor when complete.       And the newly slotted-in unit – ready to move into!


What’s really great about this innovative build technique is that it is much more efficient than traditional building methods, cutting months off the build time and causing much less disruption to local residents (60% fewer trucks on site and 90% less waste). So we can build more flats in the same amount of time, allowing us to get more of London’s city makers onto the housing ladder.


FM_841_Pocket_Juxon and sail street_FINAL       FM_841_PocketLiving_Juxon_FINAL

Juxon Street SE11,  North Lambeth                               Sail Street SE11, North Lambeth


Our our next 2 schemes in Lambeth, Sail and Juxon Street SE11, will have 70 homes built in this same modular way. These homes will be a short stroll from Lambeth North Station and will be sold to local first time buyers with at least a 20% discount.


Want to buy one of these Pocket homes? Make sure to register and create your My Pocket account here.



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