Pocket eligibility: Who’s eligible for a Pocket home?

Pocket homes are sold at a 20% discount, but they’re 100% ownership. That’s why we get asked a lot – ‘What exactly is the catch?’.

There is no catch – but you do need to be eligible to purchase one of our Pocket homes. That’s because our mission to make sure we’re helping middle earning Londoners (we call them city makers) onto the property ladder.

Read on to find out about the Pocket eligibility criteria.

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How to save money in 2021

Ever check your bank account and wonder how your pay cheque disappeared so fast? Don’t stress – saving money is a problem that most people face at some point in their lives. Whether you are looking to pay for a house, or treat yourself to a nice holiday, knowing about ways to save money allows you to do the things you enjoy without worrying about the cost. Thankfully, it is never too late to start saving, and 2021 is a perfect time to think about how you can improve your finances. Find out some of the best ways to save money by using our saving tips below.

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Pocket homes complete at Rosina Street E9

Stunning new Hackney scheme for 29 local first time buyers

Rosina Street E9 was designed by Hackney-based Waugh Thistleton Architects, and completed in March 2017.  The Pocket flats were sold at a 20% discount to the surrounding market and the building is now home to 29 local first time buyers.  It’s the second Pocket Living scheme in Hackney, and it’s one we’re especially proud of – when you look at these photos, you’ll see why!

Rosina Street-01 Rosina Street-28

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A First-Time Buyers’ guide to the London elections

Tomorrow London goes to the polls to elect a new Mayor of London. The Mayor is responsible for making London a great place to live, work and visit. For example the Mayor is responsible for things such as policing, transport and the fire service. But significantly for first time buyers, the Mayor has important housing powers. The Mayor must produce a housing strategy to invest in London’s housing and to meet the needs of London’s growing population.

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Pocket receives strategic investment from US company

Related Companies makes a ground-breaking strategic investment in Pocket

We are extremely excited to announce that we have attracted a new investor to Pocket. This week we became equity partners with Related Companies, the largest owner and developer of affordable housing in the US. This strategic investment in Pocket is a trail-blazing deal as it brings investment from across the pond into the UK’s affordable housing market.  Related have acquired a 50% stake in Pocket, and will be working with us to scale up our delivery of discounted flats for sale and rent in London.

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Pocket bond on Crowdcube attracts double-investors

So good they invested twice


W_MG_6173e launched the first Pocket bond on Crowdcube back in March 2015, offering 7.5% interest over a four year term, and we quickly achieved our funding goal.  Our second bond, the Pocket Land Bond, launched last week and we are already 10% funded, thanks to a good level of repeat investment.  We are very grateful to those who show continued support for Pocket, and we contacted a couple of our ‘double-investors’ to find out what it was that attracted them to the Pocket bond – twice.

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Help for Help to Buy!

Helping to make Help to Buy helpful


Help!  The government has its heart in the right place, trying to ‘help’ first time buyers with its Help to Buy schemes… and as of today a new one has launched, the Help to Buy ISA. It can all feel very confusing – we’re not promising to ‘deconfuse’ things completely, but here is a brief summary of how Help to Buy works with Pocket, and links to some nice clear explanations.

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