How to make a room look bigger

As we spend more time in our homes, having space in every room is more important than ever. A clear space is a clear mind, helping to increase productivity, reduce stress and generally make it easier to move around the house. This means that if you ever feel cramped in your home, the sooner you take action, the better.

Thankfully, knowing how to make a room feel bigger is much easier than it seems. You can make an instant impact by decluttering your house, using mirrors and using brighter colours. Read on for more tips to make a room bigger below.

Declutter your house

It sounds obvious, but knowing how to declutter is a great first step to making a room look bigger. Clutter and too much furniture will make any room look smaller, as well as giving you less space to move around in. As soon as you start decluttering, the more spacious your room will look.

Make a habit of regularly tidying rooms that you feel are lacking in space, and try not to add too much furniture if possible. This also applies to the space you have on the walls – a covered wall creates an illusion of clutter, so minimalism is key!\

Use bright colours

To create the illusion of more space than there is, learning how to make a room look bigger with paint is a clever trick. But the question remains, what colours make a house look bigger?

It is widely agreed that light colours do a lot to make areas look bigger, so consider changing the colour of your wall to a light blue, green or white. White in particular is known to make a room look more airy and open, as it blurs the boundaries between ceiling and wall to make the space in your room look endless – perfect for anyone who wants to make a room look bigger.

Invest in some wall mirrors

You might not think it, but a well-placed mirror does a lot to make a room look bigger. Because they reflect the room itself, they create a sense of openness that tricks the eye and make a room look much bigger than it is. Mirrors also reflect natural light, making your room look brighter and more spacious. If you get a mirror and place it near a window, you get both the benefit of viewing the outside world, and a more expanded glimpse of your room.

 Clever furniture arrangement

The arrangement of your furniture can also be a quick way of making a room look bigger. For starters, you can place your furniture against the walls to leave a clear path at the heart of any room, ensuring easy access and extra space. You can also try and buy furniture that is quite low, so that this will create more open space in the top half of your room. If you want to be really sneaky, you can look for furniture that folds away and can be hidden out of sight when you need more room – perfect for a spontaneous party with friends.

The floor is yours

There are also creative ways that your choice of flooring can make a room look more spacious. For example, avoiding a complex pattern, and keeping things simple, will make a room look a lot less busy. If you want to decorate the place with a carpet or rug, try and use a design that uses bigger rather than smaller shapes. Whereas we recommend using a lighter tone for the walls, a wooden colour for your flooring can make a room look bigger by adding depth and an appealing contrast to a lighter wall.

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