Affordable homes in Zone 1 – Sail Street and Juxon Street SE11 completed

Our latest city makers have moved in at Sail Street and Juxon Street SE11, North Lambeth

We’re so proud of our latest schemes in the Borough of Lambeth, Sail Street and Juxon Street SE11, which between them have provided 70 new homes to local city makers.  Built on the edge of the China Walk estate using the latest modular construction technology, they’re a handsome pair.

Sail Street SE11                                             Juxon Street SE11

Sail Street-01  Sail Street-65

Both schemes were designed by  HKR Architects, and include great examples of our core Pocket principles of having outdoor corridors (to cut down on service charges), lots of secure cycling parking, and fabulous shared spaces to meet neighbours.

They both have stunning views across Central London from their roof terraces (something we can’t guarantee with all of our Pocket schemes, but we’re pleased to have made the most of the opportunity here!).

Juxon Street-11 Sail Street-12

Sail Street SE11

Sail Street-26 Sail Street-05

Sail Street-09 Sail Street-07

Sail Street-18 Sail Street-19

Juxon Street SE11

Juxon Street-12 Juxon Street-29

Juxon Street-32 Juxon Street-41

Modular construction minimised local disruption

Our aim with these buildings was to add to the existing streetscape, providing homes for local people with the minimum of disruption to local residents. Our modular construction programme meant that the schemes were delivered within a year, with far fewer on-site deliveries and overall activity than with traditional construction.  The homes were largely built in a factory, and delivered to the site nearly completed.  Local residents have commented that they were ‘pleasantly surprised’ at the swift process and the way the new buildings have added to the attractiveness of their estate.

Among our buyers, who are mainly from the local area, are teachers, nurses and doctors, as well as city makers from other walks of life – making a great addition to the existing community!

If you’re interested in buying a Pocket home, register and create your My Pocket account here.


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