Viewing a home as a first-time buyer: Questions to ask

Buying your first home is likely to be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Preparing the right questions to ask when viewing a home is a key element of the process, but too many first-time home buyers fall into the trap of rushing through viewings and turning up unprepared. This can lead to valuable time wasted and unnecessary stress.

Property viewings are an opportunity to find out everything you can to ensure that you find a home that’s right for you. By maximising every viewing, you will be equipped to make an informed decision about what home to buy. After all – you only get one chance to be a first-time buyer, so get it right!

Our dedicated sales team are experts at helping first-time home buyers through this process, but to make it easier, we’ve also prepared a property viewing checklist so that you know what to ask when viewing a home. Read on to find out our top house viewing questions, whether you’re touring a Pocket home or somewhere else.

First-time home buyers

Let’s start with what you should be asking yourself when it comes to buying your first home. Firstly, what is it about your current situation that you like, and what are you looking to change when you move? Next, consider how long you plan to live in your first home and what your lifestyle will look like during this time period.

Your final task is to ask yourself what your non negotiables are when it comes to location and what you would like your commute to look like. By taking the time to ponder these questions, you can avoid wasting time viewing properties that don’t meet your criteria.

Property viewing checklist


So, what about the questions to ask when viewing a home? We’ve outlined a few that we think are vital.

Does the design work for you?

If you’re looking to buy your first home in a city such as London, you’ll want to ensure that your property maximises every inch of space. That means thoughtful design is important, so you should be asking questions such as how much storage there is in the home and where power sockets are located. This will help you decide whether a space will suit you and your lifestyle.

What is the local area like?

The home you choose is important, but the location of that home is important too. Consider what public transportation links there are in the area so you know what your commute would look like and how easily you would be able to enjoy all that London has to offer. Knowing things like what the local area is like during rush hour will be important in helping you decide whether you can see yourself living there, and visiting at different times of day and during both the week and weekend is also wise to really get to know the area.

Is there a sense of community?


One of the best things about buying your first home is having the opportunity to have your own space. However, an important question to ask when viewing a home is whether there is a sense of community in the development or surrounding neighbourhood. Are there communal areas, and are they in good condition? Are there outdoor spaces for socialising with neighbours? Is there a residents’ committee? What are the neighbours like? These factors will help you determine how you will fit in if you were to move into this home.

Buying your first home is an opportunity to find a space that really fits you and your unique needs. By coming to property viewings prepared with questions to ask, you’ll be setting yourself up for success and taking the next step towards becoming a first-time home buyer!

For more help getting onto the property ladder, check out our First-Time Buyer Guide, which breaks down the process of buying your first home step by step. If you’re interested in a Pocket property, see our upcoming developments here and learn about buying a Pocket home here.

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