Pocket Regen – a new way to regenerate London’s housing estates


Pocket Regen, is our submission for the NLA’s recent competition, ‘New Ideas for Housing London’.  Pocket Regen is a new way of managing estate regeneration. By engaging openly with estate communities, and offering real reasons to welcome regeneration, we can provide additional 100% affordable housing for the very people that make this city great.

Pocket Regen will overcome the feeling that estate regeneration is “too hard”, bringing back middle market and starter homes to estates which have become polarised by underinvestment and right-to-buy.

We need to provide the intermediate homes that the average Londoner can actually afford and deliver integrated, mixed communities on these estates. That way, London can remain home to the very people that make this city great.

Pocket Regen is a tripartite Joint Venture bringing together: the estate community, the Local Authority, and Pocket to deliver the maximum number of new and affordable homes.

We will:

  • Reengage with the community – offering genuine financial and long-term incentives;
  • Repair the existing estate – enhancing with infill development; and
  • Rebalance the estate’s social capital – offering homes for sons and daughters.


Existing community  Pocket Regen-medium


NLA’s ‘New Ideas for Housing London’ International Ideas Competition wanted a range of innovative ideas that would help to improve the speed, scale and quality of housing supply within London’s boundaries. Pocket have come up with a simple and effective way to better utilise our current housing estates.

An exhibition of all the shortlisted ideas is open at the NLA from 15 October – 17 December 2015.  It’s a great collection of a whole range of ideas, and well worth a visit!

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