Pocket lockdown stories

Every Pocket development has a thriving community of neighbours thanks to the city makers who live there. These first-time buyers have so much in common and are there to support each other.

We have always created high-quality communal spaces in our developments for these communities to flourish. A roof terrace for sundowners on Friday, a light bright Sun Room for a yoga class with neighbours or allotments in the garden to get away from every day stresses and just be with nature.

Over the past 12 months the support of these communities and access to some outside space has never been more important. Now we are in our third lockdown, we asked a few of our residents to share their lockdown stories.

Cameron, Bollo Lane W4 in Ealing

“Community spirit has been fantastic, over the summer we utilised the terraces to the MAX. Four of us all joined forces and even bought inflatable kayaks and used them on the river down near Barnes. The ultimate socially distanced exercise. ???? ????????”

Sanketa, Marischal Road SE13 in Lewisham

“I’m very lucky, in our development we have organically created a community amongst us. During the various lockdowns, we created a makeshift library on the ground floor to share second-hand books, magazines etc.

I have personally given away for a free a lot of surplus items from my household to the development (including fresh and dry food, electronics, toiletries, arts & crafts items and other ad hoc stuff to prevent waste and to encourage recycling). I know others have done similar.

We are all in frequent contact over Facebook – often helping with signing parcels or sharing updates that effect all of us as a collective.

There has been a strong community spirit, almost from the start.”

Gianfilippo and Antonio, Bollo Lane W4 in Ealing

“We have adapted our Pocket flat to work from home (so that my partner can work from the living room and myself from the bedroom). This has helped both of us a lot (we both have busy schedules of calls and videos meetings during the day). This has helped us manage our work from home situation since last March.

We have been focusing also training a from home (Zoom classes with our CrossFit gym) so we have adapted the living room for that, using dumbbells from our local gym.

Also Antonio has spent a lot of time painting (we have also created a small corner for that) :)”

It’s clear that Pocket communities are flourishing despite the tough restrictions that have been in place since last March. And we are chuffed to see that residents are maximising their homes, allowing this new normal to work in the best way possible.

If you want to hear more stories from our Pocket residents head to our Instagram page.

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