From factory floor to finished flat

Making a difference with modular construction


One of Pocket’s modular schemes in north Lambeth, Sail Street SE11


The Pocket compact one bedroom home is almost identical across all our sites, so Pocket homes are the ideal candidate for modular construction – being built and finished in a factory, and then transported to site and dropped into place by crane.  Watch our time-lapse film of the flats coming together at Mountearl Gardens SW16 in Streatham below.



We’ve spent over ten years now honing the internal design and fit-out (we’re still reviewing, tweaking and improving with each iteration), so we know exactly how to brief the factory on what’s required.

‘Modular construction’ is a current buzz word in the property industry, this technique tends to be quicker and result in a higher quality finish. This type of construction is being welcomed by the property industry, and politicians are embracing it as part of the solution to the housing crisis.  Not only that, modular construction can be more sustainable too, enabling better insulation, minimising waste, and reducing the impact of ‘messy’ construction on local neighbourhoods.


LivingRoomKitchen01  bedroom01


We’re using modular construction techniques on many of our upcoming schemes, including Sail & Juxon St SE11, our most central scheme yet in Zone 1, as well as Mapleton Crescent SW18 in Wandsworth. We will have built 100 modular Pocket homes this year!


If you’re interested in buying a Pocket home, register and create your My Pocket account here.


(Don’t forget to watch our time-lapse film of the flats coming together at Mountearl Gardens SW16 in Streatham!)






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  1. Modular construction is definitely a building method that all construction companies should look into. The end design of modular buildings can look very impressive when they are completed, as well as being more efficient than other building methods. This video shows how well the modular building process can be.

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